A Brief Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture College,HQU-华侨大学华文学院
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A Brief Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture College,HQU

Enrollment Profile

A Brief Introduction of Chinese Language and Culture College, Huaqiao University

Huaqiao University, established in 1960, is a state-owned key construction comprehensive university and one of the major bases for the Chinese language and culture education. The University sits in Fujian Province, China, with one campus in Xiamen, a city credited with ‘The UN Best Habitat Prize’ Sea Pearl, the other in  Quanzhou, a city with a long history and well-established culture. The University has been pursuing a teaching policy oriented towards Overseas, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan students, and persisting in the aim of Serving Overseas Chinese and Spreading Chinese Culture. Over the years, the University has evolved a distinct academic tradition, characterized by ‘Individual Students, Individualized Teaching’ has achieved great recognition in training brilliant alumni.

Chinese Language and Culture College is specified by Huaqiao University to offer programs oriented towards Overseas, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, including Chinese Language and Culture Education, Chinese International Education, and college-prep education. The College, formerly Jimei Continuation School for Overseas Students founded in 1953, was affiliated to Huaqiao University in 1997. The College is one of the first institutions accredited by Chinese Education Ministry to enroll overseas students, and one of the first bases for the Chinese language and culture education officially approved by OOCASC, designated by NOCFL to offer services like Chinese teaching to the neighboring countries. The program Chinese Language and Culture Education is key discipline approved by OOCASC and Fujian province. The program Chinese International Education is state-level characteristic discipline (coordinated with Chinese Language and Literature program). In the past scores of years, we have cultivated more than 40,000 students from home and ninety-four countries and regions. Currently, the College is equipped with an excellent team of committed, professional faculty and staff, among whom 70 are full-time teachers. Over fifty percent of the teachers have senior professional titles and young teachers under the age of 35 are almost all PHD holders whose major is related to Chinese Language and Culture Education.  

  The College takes on the responsibility of promoting and disseminating Chinese culture. Over the past sixty years, we have evolved systematic multi-level and multi-form projects aimed to spread Chinese culture overseas. Currently we offer Academic Master degree programs in Chinese Language and Culture Education, Linguistic and Applied Linguistics, and Professional Master degree program in Chinese International Education. We offer four-year Bachelor degree programs in Chinese International Education, Chinese Cultures Education, and Chinese Language, and a three-year diploma program in Chinese Language. Besides, one semester’s and two semesters’ classes are available anytime in a year. Students, according to their interests and practical needs, can choose programs among Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese, and Chinese Cultures, or sign up for Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced classes on a proficiency basis. The College is also committed to overseas master’s education, bachelor’s self-taught education, teacher diploma education and short-term teacher training, which have achieved great popularity in many countries. Cooperated with the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council (OOCASC) and the Chinese Language and Culture institutions in foreign countries, we offer teacher training programs, students’ projects of Chinese Language Summer/Winter Camp, Chinese Cultural Root-seeking Trip. At present, we have over 1,000 overseas students from more than 30 countries and regions, including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, America, Britain, Germany, France, and Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

  The College serves as an excellent stage for both home and overseas students to present their talents, and makes great efforts to cultivate on campus a culture featured by multi-culture blending. Students, both home and overseas, are offered a wide variety of opportunities to be involved in language and culture practice, such as Elegant Chinese Culture Contest, Classic Recitation Contest, One-to-one Tutorship Reporting Performance Southeast Asian Cultural Festival, Water-lantern Festival, Indonesian Night, Chinese Language Technique Contest and so on. In summer and winter vacation, the school organizes overseas students to visit famous resorts and historic sites across China, adding an extra after –class access to Chinese language and culture. Besides, the integration and interaction between Chinese students and overseas students in the school makes a great environment to study language.  

Situated in the Jimei School Village, Xiamen and endowed with an awesome view of both mountains and sea, our campus has long been famous for its beautiful scenery and has an easy access to public transport. The school offers complete facilities for teaching and accommodation, comprising well-equipped modern classrooms, Chinese culture classrooms, language labs, multimedia classrooms, Internet classrooms, an electronic library, comfortable dormitories, canteens, a supermarket and playgrounds.

Majors for Overseas Students

Chinese Culture Education

Chinese Culture Education, a sub-discipline of Chinese Language Education, is a four-year undergraduate major. It is oriented to overseas and recruits overseas students, aimed to foster high quality overseas Chinese teachers and backbones for overseas Chinese clubs and societies and enhance the development of Chinese language and cultures in foreign countries. Special scholarship granted by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council (OOCASC) is available to overseas students who are interested in this major (Detailed application is included in the Enrollment Profile of Huaqiao University).

Curriculum: Pedagogy, Psychology, Second Language Teaching Method, Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Oral Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Modern Chinese, Chinese Literature, Chinese Cultures, etc.

Entry Requirements: The program is open to candidates who are of Chinese origin and have senior high school or above diploma, with commitment to Chinese culture education, decent conducts and good academic performances, good physical and mental health condition, aged between 18 and 30.

Chinese Language

The major Chinese Language offers a four-year undergraduate program and a two-year junior college program, both of which are intended for foreigners. The four-year undergraduate program in Chinese Language includes three different tracks: Chinese Culture, Business Chinese, Tourism Chinese. Teaching is focused on  training students’ comprehensive skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, stressed on the knowledge of Chinese language and Chinese culture . The aim is to foster advanced special talents who are equipped with excellent Chinese language proficiency, cross-culture communicative competence, systematic knowledge of Chinese language, China’s national condition and social culture. They will have a good knowledge to promote Chinese culture, undertake international business and manage tourism in the world, and practically be qualified to carry out culture communication, business negotiation and tourist services in Chinese.

I. Curriculum


Four-year Undergraduate


Junior College

Year One

Junior Chinese, Junior Oral Chinese,   Elementary Listening, Junior Reading, etc.

Year Two

Intermediate   Chinese, Intermediate Oral Chinese, Intermediate Listening, Intermediate   Reading,  Intermediate Writing, etc.

Year Three &Year Four

Chinese Culture

Advanced Chinese, Advanced Oral Chinese,   Advanced Writing, Vocabulary of Modern Chinese, Grammar of Modern Chinese,   Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, etc.

Business Chinese

Business Chinese, Oral Business Chinese, Marketing,   International Trade affairs, Business Negotiation, Practical Business   Writing,  Business Etiquette, Accounting, etc.  

Tourism Chinese

Tourism Chinese, Oral   Tourism Chinese, Introduction to Tourism, Tourism Geography, Tourism   Economics, Tourist Guide Affairs, Tourism Marketing, Hotel Management,   etc.  


Students with a proper proficiency of the Chinese language are allowed to join a class of corresponding level at any time of a program.

Students who complete all the required credits of an undergraduate program or a junior college program will be granted a corresponding diploma. Four-year students who pass the thesis debate will be granted a bachelor’s degree.

Students are offered alternative courses such as Chinese Art, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Music, Chinese Folk Dancing, Chinese Handcraft, Chinese Idioms, the Culture of Chinese Characters, Chinese Geography, Chinese History, etc.

II. Entry Requirements

This program is open to candidates with senior high school diploma or above, with a valid passport, aged over eighteen.  

Non-diploma Chinese Classes  

We offer overseas students six-month and 12-month Chinese programs in Business Chinese and Tourism Chinese, each track comprising three levels respectively: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Candidates should take proficiency tests and then be placed to classes corresponding to the result of the tests. They will learn both basic language skills and basic academic knowledge regarding business or tourism. Non-diploma Chinese classes offer diversified choices to meet personalized demands.

Non-diploma classes are open to applicants with senior high school diploma or above, with a valid passport, aged over eighteen.  

Elementary Class (Semester I, Semester II): The courses we offer include Junior Chinese, Junior Oral Chinese, Junior Listening, Junior Reading, Literacy of Chinese Characters, Chinese Calligraphy, etc. These courses enable students to acquire basic knowledge of Chinese pronunciation, basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to satisfy their needs of daily life, study and certain social communication.

Intermediate Class (Semester I, Semester II): The courses we offer include Intermediate Chinese, Intermediate Oral Chinese, Intermediate Listening, Intermediate Reading, Basic Writing, News Stories Reading, etc. These courses will equip the students with fairly good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to pursue their academic study in Chinese universities.  

Advanced Class (Semester I, Semester II): The courses we offer include Advanced Chinese, Business Chinese, Oral Business Chinese, Oral Tourism Chinese, Practical Business Writing, etc. These courses enable the students to appreciate Chinese radio and TV programs, understand Chinese newspapers and magazines, and have the language ability to take up the study of bachelor’s degree or above, involve themselves into social communicative activities, or do tourist jobs and foreign trade.  

Course Duration: The length of all the classes is one year, with two semesters (six months each). Students can choose to study for half a year, one year or even longer on a proficiency basis, or redo any class after testing. Students who successfully complete all the required courses will be granted a diploma corresponding to their proficiency.  

Short-term Training

The Training Department is responsible for the specific work of training overseas students and teachers. provides all-round services to those who sign up for the training programs, organizes trips to visit Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, and famous resorts like Wuyi Mount, etc. offers all-round services in study, accommodation and boarding. The charge for short-term training class is RMB 350 per day.

Contact: Ms. Lin      Tel/Fax: +86-592-6068003    Email: pxb@hwmail.hqu.edu.cn

I. Teacher Training Class

Type of projects:

 1. Chinese Language and Culture Training Seminar for overseas Chinese teachers

2. Second Language Teaching Pedagogy Seminar for overseas Chinese teachers

3. Multi-media Class-ware Designing and Teaching Seminars for overseas Chinese teachers

4. Headmasters’ Seminar for overseas Chinese Language and Culture schools

Curriculum include Basic Second Language Teaching Theory, Chinese Teaching Method, Multi-media Application in Chinese Teaching, Text Compiling, Chinese Cultures, Language Teaching Presentation and Practice, etc. Tailored training is available if needed.

Enrollment: overseas Chinese teachers

Training Target: to improve the participants’ Chinese language teaching ability and cultural skills

II. Winter/Summer Camp

Type of classes:

1. Summer Language Camp for Overseas Teenagers of Chinese Origin

2. Summer Language and Culture Camp for Foreigners

3. Chinese Talents Camp for foreigners

4. Summer Camp of Chinese Culture Experience for students from Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong

5. Mandarin Chinese Training for students for Hong Kong and Macao

Curriculum: We offer courses of different levels with regards to language, culture and talent, based on the different levels of the students’ Chinese proficiency.

Enrollment: overseas teenagers of Chinese origin, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as foreign students.

Training Target: It aims at carrying forward Chinese language and culture knowledge, improving students’ Chinese communicative competence and learning about Chinese society.

College-prep Education

College-prep Education is intended for students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and foreign countries who will later attend college in mainland China. College-prep Education will familiarize overseas students with studying and living environment in China, enhance their language ability and basic knowledge, and make full preparations for their undergraduate study.

Enrollment Time: There are spring session and autumn session. Spring session is intended for high school students from south- east Asian countries.

Entry Requirements: Selective admission is based on the results of students’ home country/region examinations, or the results of Senior High School graduation examinations, which can be a little lower than college admission requirement, or the results of joint entrance examination administered by Jinan University and Huaqiao University(Further information is available on http://lxlz.jnu.cn).

Curriculum: There are science stream and literal arts stream. Subjects include Chinese, Mathematics, Comprehensive English, English Grammar, English Listening, Computer, Survey of China, Chinese Art, Physical Education as well as courses relevant to Liberal Arts or Science study in college.

Course Duration: The class normally meets for one year, two years for students with weak academic foundation. Students who pass all the examinations through one year’s study or are in accordance with the school regulations will directly enter Huaqiao University for a four-year undergraduate program.

Undergraduate Major: Students of Science may choose any major; students of Liberal Arts may choose any major except Science and Technology; Arts and Physical Education take both Liberal Arts and Science students.

School Calendar and Application Procedures

1. School Calendar: An academic year includes two semesters. The first semester begins in early September and the second in mid or late February. Enrollment is welcome at any other time.

2. How to Apply:
   1) Fill out the Application Form ( attached below) and forward it to Admission Office of the College, together with a photocopy of valid passport, certificate of high school graduation(English), and the results of exams .  

  2) The College will post to students both the JW202 Form and Admission Letter within one month after receiving the application. Students may apply for a study visa with the JW202 Form and Admission Letter at the local Chinese Embassy.

3) Students transferred from other universities of China are required of academic performance reports and attendance reports verified by the university, and a transferred resident permit from the local public security bureau.

 4) Within one week after they enter China, students should call at the Students’ Affairs Office to settle their foreign resident permit and arrange for health examination. The expenses have to be paid by students themselves.   

Charges and Other Expenses                         (per academic year, RMB)





including Advanced Classes

Junior College

(including   Elementary, Intermediate classes)







College-prep   students pay by the academic year, other students by the semester.



(two types)

Two-bed Room: 5,600 a year

Air-conditioner, Bathroom, Geyser, Washing   machine

Four-bed Room:   2,400 a year

Air-conditioner, Bathroom, Geyser, Washing   machine




Only for new   enrollment


Teaching materials

Approx.    400-600

Charged according to the actual prices of   textbooks  




Charged by the State Administration for Entry-Exit


1. There are cafeterias for students on campus.

2. Students have to pay all the above charges at enrollment time.

3. The College arranges boarding and accommodation for the students who stay in the school during summer or winter holidays.

4. Tuition, accommodation and registration fees are non-refundable after enrollment.


1. Students for Chinese Language Education major are entitled to scholarship as Confucius Institute Scholarship ,  Fujian Provincial Government Foreign student scholarshipChen Jiageng Scholarship. The College also sets up scholarship for distinguished students. The first class prize is RMB 8,000; the second RMB 6,000, the third prize RMB 4,000. The scholarship is awarded once a year, with the sum of money and a diploma of honor. Besides, the College provides financial aid to students in need of help, with three levels of subsidy: RMB 6,ooo, RMB 5,000, RMB 4,000.

2. HSK (a Chinese language proficiency test) is held every month the College. You are welcome to make queries and registrations.

3. The Application Form is attached to Enrollment Profile, available via email or downloaded from the College website (hwxy.hqu.edu.cn).


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